World Cup 2014, Germans The champs!

The World Cup final can be the best occasion of a footballer’s life, or the worst if they crumble under the pressure.
Eternal glory awaiting the winner; massive disappointment awaiting the loser.
Germany Won the World Cup 2014 with a 1-0 extra-time Victory over Argentina

The title is considered Germany’s fourth World Cup!  Also, the first time a European country won the World Cup in the Western Hemisphere after six failures.
Mario gotze, led germans to the victory! the Germans were dominant throughout this Cup, and though this game won them the title, they may be remembered more for their 7-1 shellacking of host Brazil in the semifinal.
The Argentina’s Counter attack , everything was pretty interesting. Though I was supporting Argentina, I say that German deserved this. The game they made throughout the cup, The goals, The Injuries, everything.
Messi, Disappointed with the result, Didn’t even enjoyed receiving The Golden ball Award for the player of the tournament. On the other hand, Manuel Neuer , Quite happy For receiving the Golden Glove, well he deserved the golden glove.
Fifa World Cup comes after 4 years, Each and every fan waits for this tournament.
Some are loose, Some are Die-hard fans!
#Respect for each and every fan , Every nation , every player, every coach and everyone.

This world cup was fun. Hope the other one be more interesting.
Keep Supporting, keep loving!
– Yash Agarwalarticle-0-1F9F754700000578-490_634x435


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